Sentient Element Classic Single Coil

Sentient Element is one of the most powerful, portable PEMF devices on the market, allowing you to choose from long, low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields to short, deep penetrating high-intensity energies or anything in-between.

Sentient Element has wide frequency ranges of 7 – 10,000 Hz of pulsed electromagnetic field.

Mother earth generates low frequency electromagnetic fields called the Schuman Frequencies, that balances the cells of living organisms. Sentient Element allows generating these frequencies and more through a use of a portable devices such as a phone or a tablet that support audio outputs. Simply choose the frequency that targets your specific issues and play the frequency

Sentient Element supports all type of waveforms, inclluding a square, a saw tooth, a sine, a trapezoidal or a custom waveform.

With a 2500-watt amplifier, the Sentient Element produces a robust pulsed electromagnetic field.