Orgone Shooter Box 5 PLY

Orgone Accumulator Shooter Box is a box made up of organic and inorganic materials layered together in a way that allows the atmospheric orgone energy to accumulate inside the box and shoot out through a metal funnel.
Delivery date: 1 week

The 5PLY shooter box accumulates orgone energy and shoots the concentrated orgone energy out through a metal funnel to a specific area of the body. One could also charge food and beverages inside an orgone accumulator shooter box as the top of the shooter box comes off. This is the same shooter box that comes with our orgone accumulators.

It has 5 layers of high quality organically treated sheep's wool and 5 layers of steel wool.

Orgone accumulators are designed and sold for experimental purposes only. They are not medical devices. Please consult your healthcare physician for any medical problems.

Manufactured by Balance Point in the USA.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Inner Dimensions:H - 6.5", W - 17.5", D - 11"
Outer Dimensions:H - 10.5", W - 21", D - 14.5"
Number of Steel Wool Layers:5
Number of Sheep's Wool Layers:5
Metal Type:Galvanized Steel
Wood Type:Doug Fir
Board Type:Non-Toxic MDF
Wool:100% natural premium wool, free of any chemical adulterations, free of any chemical agents, free of polyester thermal bonding