What is Orgone Energy?

Orgone Energy Origins

An Austrian psychoanalyst, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, made a scientific discovery of a life force energy existing within the living organisms as well as in space and earth’s atmosphere. He named this energy orgone which is based on the word “organic”.

In addition to being a psychoanalyst, Dr. Reich was an exceptional researcher and a scientist. His approach to lab experimentation was extraordinary. Dr. Reich was of the opinion that one must forget everything he/she has ever learned and must be open to what the experiment is going to give them. This mindset of openness has paved the way for Dr. Reich to have continuous successes in all of the subjects that he was researching about.

When Dr. Reich was observing cell putrefaction in the grass, he noticed that the cell disintegration process broke the plant cells into smaller particles that had a distinct blue color around them. He called these blue emanating objects “bions”. This was a fascinating discovery using his 3000X magnifying microscope.

Dr. Reich had made a conclusion that this cosmic energy that he called orgone was the cause of creation of life. He also called it a life-force energy. This energy is present in our atmosphere and it is the reason that Earth when looked from outer space has a blue emanation around it. It is the reason that water while having no color, has the blue color in the ocean.


Discovery of Accumulation of Orgone Energy

Dr. Reich, excited about bion and orgone energy discovery, continued his research using a Faraday cage enclosure. In order to eliminate the effects of any ionic or electromagnetic influences on his experiment, he placed the specimens inside the Faraday cage where he observed the blue particles with his microscope. There were also flashes of blue light and blue vapors in the enclosure where he placed the specimen. Then something very interesting happened. Out of curiosity, when Dr. Reich removed the specimen and looked inside the Faraday cage, to his amusement, he found the same blue flashes appearing in the empty Faraday cage. How were these particles present without the specimen (putrefied grass) being inside? He started observing the Faraday cage that he had built which was made of steel mesh that had a cotton material and wood on top. The great genius immediately figured out that the cotton and wood in combination with the metal mesh attracted this orgone energy from the atmosphere. Later he postulated that the organic materials such as cotton, wool and wood have the ability to attract the orgone energy; while, metal has the ability to attract and immediately repel it. He used this idea in building the orgone accumulators where he layered several layers of fiberglass and steel wool in order to be able to accumulate more of this energy in an enclosed box. This discovery was the key to continuing his orgone research further for several decades and the start of orgone accumulator manufacturing.


How Dr. Reich Used Orgone Accumulators

Dr. Reich, discovered that as the disintegrating grass, the human red blood cells also broke into smaller bion particles. He was able to observe this through a high end microscope. He also was able to detect a trend between blood collected from patients who had chronic disease versus the healthy people. What he noticed is that the healthy people’s bions were much well defined and had a strong blue illumination; while, the bions from the ill patients had a much weaker blue illumination. Moreover, he also observed that the blood cells from unhealthy culture would break down into T-bacilli at a much faster rate than the healthy culture cells. Hence, Dr. Reich was able to come up with a process on how to measure the state of blood cells with two methods: B-Reaction and T-Reaction. B-Reaction  tracks how fast the blood would break down into bions and how radiant and well defined the bion structures would be. T-Reaction involved observing how fast the blood got disintegrated into T-bacilli.

How is this relevant to Orgone Accumulator? The key observation that Dr. Reich had was that every time his patients started using the orgone accumulator, the B-Reaction and T-reaction improved tremendously. His theory was that the orgone accumulator is able to pass the orgone energy to the erythrocytes which would make them more potent or balanced. As his patients blood got charged properly, their whole bodies got more balanced which resulted in the human body to be more effective in dealing with disease.


Do’s and Don’ts

Do not use orgone accumulators if you have any of the following conditions: chronic arteriosclerosis, decompensated heart disease, and other vascular of malignant forms of hypertension, brain or spinal tumors, stroke, (especially if recently) acute and chronic leukemia, acute internal hemorrhaging, bronchial asthma, acute internal hemorrhaging, acute skin inflammations.

Orgone accumulators are not recommended to use near CRT TV’s, flourescent lights, smart meters, infra-red saunas, electric heaters, sparking motors, strong fumes, radioactive smoke detectors, 5G towers, 5GHz and 2.4GHz wifi radiation, x-ray equipment and 50 miles of a nuclear power plant.

When using the orgone accumulator, make sure that it is at least 5ft away from any other electronic equipment/appliance. Some LED lights emit EMF, so having lights off would also be recommended if there is no way to measure the radiation. It is recommended to have a dedicated storage room to keep the orgone accumulators that are 10PLY or 20PLY. Do not store those in the living area as they will charge the living area with orgone energy as well.

Orgone accumulator should be kept inside a space where the humidity levels are normal. It is not recommended to store orgone accumulator in places where humidity is high.

Do not use air ionizers in the same place where the orgone accumulator is stored.

Store Orgone accumulator away from any type of EMF radiation. When using the accumulator, turn off all 5G devices and Wifi.

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