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A personal story of how I built my first orgone accumulator
I am an engineer working in software engineering field who’s interests are in human energy balancing. Throughout the last 5 years I’ve invested close to $200,000 in different energy equipment. Among the equipment that I have tested are:
  • Sentient Element – the strongest controlled PEMF generator I’ve tested

  • Firefly – a very powerful light therapy for which I ended up writing the software that drives the frequencies of this device

  • Ozone generators and an Ozone sauna

  • Infra-red FAR and NEAR spectrum sauna

  • Onnetsu Mitsui heat wand and mat, Onnetsu Terrahertz head wand and mat

  • Vitamin-D light with Quartz crystal shield

  • ST8 - lymphatic breakage, lymphatic circulation support and cellular energy support

  • Lifesystem - Biofeedback device and computer

  • Rife Machines – PERL, Spooky2, Sonasign, Original 8” Rife Phanotron tube

  • BioCharger – Rife and Tesla technology combination

  • Parazapper – Hulda Clark zapper

  • Cellsonic – Sound energy generated by high voltage spark gap

  • Biomat – gemstone and infra-red combination mat for releasing negative ions

  • IMR2000 – Earth waves mat that also comes with brain spa technology

  • Bio magnets

  • Collagentex RX-1 – LLLT light technology that has a narrow band cold-laser spectrum that can activate collagen and stem cell production

All of the technologies above, involve energies that are in either light or electro-magnetic spectrum. I never thought that there may be energy that we could measure that are outside of light, electricity and magnetism spectrum. However, one day, I stumbled upon Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s works and orgone energy during a casual conversation at a dinner table with my friends, Diane and Sandy. We were talking about energy. Diane is actually a Neo-Reichian psychotherapist and spoke very fondly about Orgone Accumulators and Reich’s works. What struck me the most about orgone energy is that it is not at all electrical, electro-magnetic or light energy. This was a big surprise for me as all of what I have been testing out involved some sort of physical energy such as electrical, magnetic or light.

That evening, Sandy gave me some links to Reich’s books which I ended up getting and reading shortly after. What I learned about orgone energy is that it is a form of a primary organic energy sometimes called etheric energy, prana, or chi. This cosmic energy is the reason that planet Earth has a blue emanating light around it when observed from the outer space. 

Orgone is the reason that the oceans and seas have the blue color. You can see the same blue color in an iceberg. Sometimes you could see the blue orgone emanation from the mountains where there is abundant forestry.
According to Dr. Reich, when studying plant cells, he found that after the cells were putrefied, they broke down into tinier particles called bions that had distinct blue emanating outlines around them. Similarly, the bions did appear after red blood cells were disintegrated under a microscope. This observation eventually led to a discovery of the ability to accumulate this blue energy in an orgone accumulator which was a box consisting of many inorganic and organic materials layered in an alternating fashion. The organic materials used are either fiber glass, cotton or sheep’s wool. The inorganic layer used are steel wool.
Dr Reich, while working with the accumulators, conducted experiments on mice. He infected the mice with T-bacilli that he gathered from human blood. The infected area developed tumors that were the result of cancer cells developing in the area. He later did a controlled experiment placing one group of mice with tumors in an orgone accumulator daily while the other group, the control, would not be exposed to orgone accumulator energy at all. He found the experiment successful in proving that orgone energy helps charge the erythrocytes in the blood which were responsible in debilitating not only the cancer cells but also the T-bacilli.
One thing I would like to clarify is that the orgone energy that Dr. Reich discovered has nothing to do with the substance called “orgonite”. Unfortunately, today, many orgonite makers mislead people into believing that orgonite and orgone are the same thing. Orgonite was promoted by Don Croft and was originally discovered by Pierre Curie as a piezoelectric phenomenon. I don’t know much about piezoelectricity. However, what I understand is that piezoelectricity is not a primary source of energy like orgone is. It is a secondary source and is produced by some other source much like static electricity is produced by friction. Orgone energy is a primary source of cosmic energy and should not be confused with orgonite.
More about orgone energy could be found in my recent blog post What Are Orgone Accumulators.

As, I started educating myself more and more about orgone energy and all that Dr. Reich has done in his research, I decided to try to buy an accumulator. To my surprise, I have not been able to find a single shop on the internet that would sell such a device. Dr. DeMeo, a long supporter of Dr. Reich, who was selling accumulators had passed away and I could not find anyone in the US or even abroad, who would make or sell an accumulator. However, I was lucky to find a gentlemen by the name of Thierey, who had been working with Dr. DeMeo for a long time. He provided me with all the information needed to build my first 7 PLY Orgone Accumulator. 7PLY means that it has 7 layers of organic and 7 layers of inorganic material. I’ve chosen to use sheep’s wool that has been washed using organic, non-toxic cleaners as the organic material. Here is the first accumulator that I built sitting on my kitchen floor.
Here is the first orgone accumulator shooter box that I built and kept in the accumulator. A shooter box is basically the same accumulator box but smaller and using 5PLY. It is used to concentrate orgone energy and shoot it to a certain part of the body.
While I was experimenting with this on my own working as an engineering manager at a crypto company, I was laid off from work due to market conditions and crypto winter. This gave me the perfect opportunity to organize an orgone accumulator manufacturing facility here in California and launch the only website to my knowledge that sells orgone accumulators: We make orgone accumulators available for experimental purposes only. These are not medical products and are not FDA approved to treat any medical condition.
What are Orgone Accumulators?
Orgone accumulator, also known as ORAC, is a structure made up of organic and inorganic materials that are layered together in a way that allows the atmospheric orgone energy to accumulate inside the structure